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Get Strong Nails

Get Strong Nails

Easy tips to get strong nails-

• Massage your nail beds (Not the cuticle, but the actual nail.) It increases blood flow to your nails, which stimulates nail growth and keeps them healthier. For every day maintenance, use OPI Nail Envy Natural Strengtheners Sensitive and Peeling formula.
Groom your nails weekly, not by going to the salon, but by simply taking a nail file and giving them some shape. Also soak your hands weekly in olive oil to keep them moisturized.
• To get super strong nails, keep them trimmed, push back your cuticles, always apply a clear coat, and never bite them!
It’s so important to keep a nail file with you at all times to smooth any rough edge and prevent further damage.
A well-balanced diet and drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated are just a few of the simple ways. It will promote healthier nails.

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